Fashion for purpose at 5% of sales are donated to St. Jude.
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About Us

FaithWorks Apparel is a Christian clothing company that provides a casual line of clothing at a reasonable and competitive price. We provide quality designs with positive affirmations that exude dignity and intrinsic value. The conception of FaithWorks Apparel was a result of our daily confession, that is, FAITH WORKS. Our relentless confession evolved into a vision and then manifested into a profound logo design. There was no doubt that this vision was meant to be developed and used to spread the gospel in some, “form or fashion”, obviously Christian apparel. The exquisite logo design, composed of a “f” and a “w” is graphically formed to visually represent Apostle Peter stepping out on faith by walking on water. The “f” transformed into a human like figure, represents Peter stepping out on faith and the “w” represents water. FaithWorks Apparel has a global appeal because it is affordable, stylish and appealing to all age groups.  Its universal appeal attracts all segments of society and gives you the opportunity to represent and identify with such a profound revelation, that is, “Faith Works!”

FaithWorks Apparel’s mission is to provide a clothing line that represents dignity and intrinsic value. However, there is another dimension to FaithWorks Apparel and that is, to help cure cancer. As a result, FaithWorks Apparel will donate 5% of every on-line sale to Saint Jude Children’s Hospital. We have selected St. Jude because it is our desire to support children and their parents as they endure this experience and overcome situations that may impede their road to recovery.

We will not stop there.  Our goal is to promote education by establishing scholarships for higher education and to help those who may need assistance with utility bills.  As you can see, although we walk by faith, we also realize that faith without works is dead.